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"Will Ashworth has been an excellent teacher for both my daughter Isabella (aged 9) and myself. He has taken Isabella successfully to Grade 3

in three years and has helped me to regain my playing to Grade 7 when I haven't played for 20 years. One of his strengths is choosing

interesting and varied music, both classical and jazz, to inspire and make learning enjoyable. I highly recommend him."

WILL has been teaching the piano since graduating from Bath Spa University in 2008. Taking on a variety of both young and older pupils, he focuses on teaching them what they want to learn, and not in solely pushing towards the next grade exam. That said, Will has had many pupils sit exams (primarily with Trinity) and has a 100% pass rate, including many merits and distinctions.

Will has a passion for many different styles of music, something taken further by his studies at university. He has taught jazz, classical and popular piano, taught by ear and has taught both beginner and advanced pupils.


Will charges the Musician's Union suggested rate of £27/hr for those who come to him, and £31/hr as a visiting rate. Many pupils, especially beginners, do not have hour long lessons, however.

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